Physical Therapy - Time Saving Tips For DJs Vol. 1

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  • Daniel Fisher's music is marked by its mood rather its style. His tastes touch dance floors from New York to Berlin, and even his most greyscale techno has a winking sense of humour. That twist makes his discography feel cohesive, even as he jumps all over the map. Time Saving Tips For DJs Vol. 1 collects some of Fisher's potent DJ tools, which are brimming with personality and colour in spite of their functional purpose. A few of these tunes remind me of Kirk The Flirt & Peter Pressure, a project Fisher aired a couple of years ago to combine his love of fast-paced techno with blissful disco melodies. "Down Down" is one of them, with springy drums and a walking bassline looped into a conniption. "Lunch Break" is the other highlight, doing for early rave music what "Down Down" does for disco, whittling it down into a blunt-force tool. "Group Think" has a surprising shift from dub techno drama into piano house frenzy. It might be too silly for some DJs, and the raw "Love's Theme 2014" sounds half-finished. But even that ultra-barebones track isn't boring.
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      A1 Down Down A2 Group Think B1 Loves Theme 2014 B2 Lunch Break