Rrose ‎- The Ends Of Weather

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  • There's a depth to Rrose productions rarely heard in modern dance music. Where deep techno labels like Northern Electronics create introspective moods with familiar tones and foggy atmospheres, Rrose does so with force and precision. Like Mike Parker, another top hypnotist, Rrose makes some of the trippiest techno out there, specialising in window-rattling sub-bass and high-definition percussion, all without a whiff of dub chords or melody. The Ends Of Weather is the US artist's first release of 2017, delivering three tracks of wormhole techno and ambient. Most DJs will reach for the obvious dance floor track, "Nest Of Queens." Rightfully given a full side of vinyl, anyone still at a party when it's played should experience the dance floor going into meltdown. It's thick with Rrose's signature sub-bass, which rumbles underneath assorted effects—cricket chimes, pin-prick percussion—that rise and fall in pitch and energy. Propulsive but utterly mind-boggling, "Nest Of Queens" is techno at its most psychedelic, the latest in a string of Rrose weapons made for putting late-hour dancers in a daze. "The Smallest Footprints" and "The Ends Of Weather" are more abstract and won't get much club play, but they're perfect for those fragile mornings spent staring at the ceiling after a night out.
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      A1 The Smallest Footprints A2 The Ends Of Weather B1 Nest Of Queens