Frak - Lane Escape

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  • Frak and Unknown To The Unknown have a lot in common. Both go about their business reliably, never following trends or trying to earn cool points. And though Frak are often experimentally minded and Unknown To The Unknown is a clear-cut dance floor label, they both have a sense of humour. As such, Lane Escape feels like a natural development. Frak provide four quirky dance floor cuts that slot right into Unknown To The Unknown's no-bullshit style. If you've ever seen Frak play live, hunched over their instruments with their foil hats bobbing up and down, you won't be surprised by the zany funk of "Lane Escape," which sounds a bit like a mangled disco bassline pasted over a Casio preset. The same goes for "Large Function," with a frazzled kick-snare pattern that feels surprisingly hard to follow. And then there's "Protes," where Frak lay down a percussive workout and then throw a blaring synth note on top, an addition that seems like a joke but eventually makes an odd sort of sense. Only "Long Fork," with its electro touches, hints at Frak's darker side.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lane Escape A2 Protes B1 Long Fork B2 Large Function