Stanislav Tolkachev - There Is Almost No God

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  • Stanislav Tolkachev's records often feature an ambient track or two. His best—and the beloved Ukrainian has hit some dizzying heights—ditch his dance tracks' post-Mills funk but keep the wonky, spiralling hypnosis. Or else they go for sonic overload, supplying transcendental moments for spun-out dance floors. There is one track on this non-dance EP for Mord that falls in the latter camp—the opener, "Eternal Dawn," which is as blearily euphoric as the name suggests. From there Tolkachev settles into a scratchy exploratory style, each track a grizzled synth pattern spun into elliptical loops. Where his techno can be effortlessly experimental, these tracks feel self-consciously difficult, and not his best. Their success mostly depends on their intensity. "Perforated Spoon" thunders nicely through, its oily splats and splutters periodically turning molten. "Pocket For A Leaky Coin" is made of similar stuff, though its string of eardrum-scraping ideas follow an odd disjointed logic. "Landowner" is the EP's most intriguing could-have-been, its roiling syncopations begging to be transformed into a broken-beat techno monster. The energy dips further at the EP's tail-end. "There Is Almost No God" and "Bleed On Me" feature a single loop—not so much rhythmic as repetitious—drenched in sheets of noise. Both sound static and lifeless, as if Tolkachev left his setup running while making a cup of tea. The seething mulch of "No One Waves Goodbye," meanwhile, sounds like a downtempo track fractured into a million tiny shards. It's nice to hear Tolkachev pull his music apart, but the real trick will be when he puts it back together again.
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      A1 Eternal Dawn A2 Landowner A3 Perforated Spoon B1 Pocket For A Leaky Coin B2 There Is Almost No God B3 Bleed On Me B4 No One Waves Goodbye