DJ Deeon - Dance Mania Sampler 2

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  • Dance Mania Sampler is a new series that highlights classic and unreleased tunes from DJ Deeon. The second record reissues four ghetto house tracks from the '90s, and includes a new Paul Johnson remix of Deeon's filthy acid cut "The Box." It goes without saying that DJ Deeon's music is raunchy and excellent, and boldly stands out from modern records. For instance, not many producers today would make a house track that goes, "Sucking your dick is what I want to do / Licking your balls until they turn blue." The three tracks without vocals are stripped and unruly bangers, reminders of how effective house can be when there are no unnecessary elements. Each fiercely direct drum pattern has a slightly different flair—hot and slamming on "1112," freakily acidic on "Phenomenon," and rude and chunky on "Vertigo," a track from the same 1994 record as "The Box." For good reasons, Paul Johnson's remix of this final track keeps it intact, so the raw 303 still melts faces and the rhythms still bang with steely confidence. Decades later, dance music has gone in many interesting directions. But a record like Dance Mania Sampler 2 is timeless proof of the power of simplicity.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Da Dik Suck A2 1112 B1 Phenomenon B2 The Box (Paul Johnson Remix) B3 Vertigo