Palms Trax / Secretsundaze - Dance 2017 Pt 3

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  • You don't run a party for 16 years without learning what makes an effective club track. The Secretsundaze founders Giles Smith and James Priestley are DJ staples of the London scene with a handful of releases apiece, but this is the first track they've released together. This debut forms half of the third EP from the Dance 2017 series. It's paired with a new cut from Palms Trax that offers a contrasting tone, ensuring both sides of the vinyl will get club play. It's becoming clear what to expect from a new Palms Trax tune. "Outflight" is a confection of robust basslines, chunky rhythms and a generous helping of melodies that might feel excessive in lesser hands. The bright colours and unabashed positivity of his productions may be becoming a tad predictable, but they haven't lost their power or their pleasure. Secretsundaze's "Motorway Jam" is deeper but just as enjoyable, with a rude bassline that interrupts a web of percussion and a haze of flickering synths. It's tempting to say that Smith and Priestley keep moving with the times, but their style has always been timeless.
  • Tracklist
      A Palms Trax - Outflight B Secretsundaze - Motorway Jam