Various - დე / DE - Sounds From Georgia

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  • Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound is a new project from the Georgia-born, Berlin-based DJ, producer, promoter and visual designer Irakli Kiziria. Having established his techno credentials solo and as half of I/Y, Irakli aims to use his Institute to present more abstract styles of electronic music. The label makes a strong start with the evocative ambient forms of დე / DE - Sounds From Georgia. The 33-minute compilation, which features Irakli alongside five other Georgian artists, impresses with a wide range of well-executed pieces. With towering pads and airy distortion, "Mentors," from Rezo Glonti (AKA Aux Field), is the record's most upbeat moment, while Irakli's aptly titled "Forgotten Melodies" is its most melancholy, with a wandering minor-key synth line that's built to go on forever. Natalie Beridze TBA's "Waves Future" weaves glimmering tones, stormy rumbles and glitchy sound design into a mini-epic that brings to mind the futuristic vibes of Alva Noto's Xerrox series. The dark efforts from a few lesser-known producers are just as intriguing. Zesknel, a resident at the key Tbilisi techno club Bassiani, offers "კი. სორა. ტორი.," a slow-building, eight-minute cut of superbly moody downtempo. MYI's "And They Lost" unfurls a panoramic aural portrait of some churning industrial cityscape, while Severian's "Untitled 4144" conveys a sparse and shadowy sort of intimacy.
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      A1 Rezo Glonti - Mentors A2 MYI - And They Lost A3 Irakli - Forgotten Melodies B1 Natalie Beridze TBA - Waves Future B2 Zesknel - კი. სორა. ტორი. B3 Severiane - Untitled 4144