nthng - Turn To Gaia

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  • nthng has released most of his music on Lobster Theremin and its techno sub-label, Mörk. But from the start it could have been on, say, Giegling's Forum sub-label. The Amsterdam-based producer's dub techno has always been harder and heavier than the rest of Lobster's catalog, so it's no surprise that he's ventured elsewhere. There was a tender trance EP on the new Transatlantic label, and now Turn To Gaia fits neatly among Delsin's weighty dub sounds. nthng's tracks are emotional bombs, buoyed by deep, delayed kicks and a cloak of ethereal ambience. On "Oralage," with its ancient and unearthed feel, the pads haunt like hymns while pendulum drums swing heavily below. The title track is as heavy but less stirring, its drums thudding through nine minutes of stormy atmospheres. A drumless stretch of shy bass tones, glowing chords and innocent melodies, "Souls Search" is only half of nthng's usual recipe. Of all the EP's dreamy moments, this track has the most mystique.
  • Tracklist
      01. Oralage 02. Souls Search 03. Turn To Gaia