Etapp Kyle - Alpha

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  • Since Klockworks released an Etapp Kyle EP in 2013, the Ukrainian producer has steadily risen through Ostgut Ton's ranks. He's become a regular at Berghain and frequently plays alongside the club's residents at parties around Europe. Last year he released on Ostgut Ton's sub-label, Unterton, but Alpha is his first record on Ostgut Ton proper. It's easy to see why Kyle became so popular. He has a subtle but striking style that recalls Sandwell District, defined by negative space and carefully EQ'd percussion. Alpha might be Kyle's most prominent release, but it's also among his most understated. Three of the four tracks have long, beatless intros, while any big-room touches, like parts of the Luke Slater-esque banger "Quantum," flicker rather than dominate. Using bright and hopeful sounds, like the Brian Eno-style melodies on "Alpha" or the spaced-out Detroit worship of "Source," he makes straightforward techno feel alluring. "Source" in particular is full of stunning spacial details that are easy to get lost in. Alpha feels like techno's equivalent of a major label debut, taking what made Kyle's earlier work stand out and giving it a polish.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Alpha A2 Quantum B1 Source B2 Ritual