Kyle Hall ‎- Eutrophia Sevan

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  • On his first solo release in nearly two years, Kyle Hall is taken with hippie-style ideas of nourishment and mind expansion. Eutrophia Sevan includes "additional notes and thoughts" that blend Detroit techno futurism with mother earth psychedelia. "It is my understanding that all energetic material in which we interact with serves as a software of a kind that is loaded into our systems via our five senses," Hall writes. "One form of sensory interaction with plants is the ingestion of them for the purpose of intoxication." He seems just as concerned with getting this message across as he does releasing a couple of new tracks, but this plant-based philosophy seems to have done him well. "Teacher Plant" and "D.S.P. (Dear Sweet Potato)" are serene and buoyant. "Teacher Plant" has From Joy's broken-beat melodicism. He made From Joy before 2010, and the results here demonstrate how far he's come as a producer. Celestial synths, soulful Rhodes and excitable drums combine for a feel-good track that outdoes much of that album. His ode to the sweet potato, meanwhile, is a low-end-heavy slow jam, reminiscent of G-funk, that's perfect for cruising, with a deft key-change that emerges late on. The trippier Kyle Hall has expanded his mind as well as his musical vision.
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      A Teacher Plant B D.S.P. (Dear Sweet Potato)