Jonas Kopp - Cosmic Control Center EP

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  • Jonas Kopp is a refined and versatile producer with a nuanced take on techno. His music has a way of making you feel warm, even when a track's tone is cold and dank. In May, Tresor put out the Argentinian's second album, Photon Belt, a less functional and more listening-orientated record full of impressions of the cosmos, sweeping cinematic shorts and striking melodies. The cosmic theme and experimental tendencies continue on his new EP for Zadig's label, this time with all efforts trained on the floor. You can hear the continuation of Photon Belt best in the textural sound design swirling beneath the beats and synth lines of "Vortex," the EP's punchy B-side lead. "Human Bio Computer" also stands out. Rumbling bass loops and agitated hats herd it into an eerie atmospheric fog. It's dramatic and driving, but nothing really happens. On the A-side, Kopp shows he's a master of spooling tension. Flecks of chimes make "Cognitive Process" the lighter of its two tracks, but "Metaprogramming" is the pick for those with darker tastes.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cognitive Process A2 Metaprogramming B1 Vortex B2 Human Bio Computer Digital: Cyclone