Project Pablo - Night Shift

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  • Patrick Holland can do more than ecstatic summer groovers (not that anyone has complained about them). His latest record, Night Shift, lands on San Francisco's Club Lonely, a label for party records that tend towards the dark, raunchy and squelching. Holland, the modest producer that he is, doesn't exactly get wild here. But there is a shadowy feel to his chords and melodies, and the grooves are smooth but pumping. Most of Holland's signatures—warm hand drums, sweet keys—are stripped away, but his sense of groove is as blazing as ever. "Night Shift" is a slice of thick, Chicago-style house, with downcast chords and the thirsty hollers of a chopped vocal ("I said, come on!"). "It's Not The Dream" has a heavier thud and sharper corners, but the rhythm is still agile, skipping between hoots, tinny drums and the slightest twinge of acid. The EP also comes with a Club Lonely remix of "It's Not The Dream." Where the original is subtle and musical, this one's brash and meaty. Both are excellent party tracks.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Night Shift B1 It's Not The Dream B2 It's Not The Dream (Club Lonely Remix)