Laser - Body Beat

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  • In today's social media age, label owners are constantly looking for new ways to promote their next record. But when you're Dan Ghenacia, an artist with nearly 70,000 followers on Facebook, a wobbly clip of you and Jamie Jones playing at an afterparty in Ibiza will be enough to get fans in a tizz. At the time of writing, the post has had 294 comments, most of them to the effect of: "What is this track??????? Somebody must know!!!" Laser's "Body Beat" first came out in 1993 through Pin Up, a small Italian label based in Udine until it folded in 1996. At some point in the '90s, Ghenacia picked up a copy of the Body EP and hammered the trackier B-side, "Body Under." Last summer, when browsing his collection, he chanced upon it and started playing the housier, more upbeat A-side in his sets alone and as part of Apollonia. The response was such that he decided to reissue both tracks on Apollonia Music. "Body Beat" has all the elements of a killer '90s house cut: slamming kicks, organ-led melody, choppy female vocals. It's catchy and full of life, the kind of track that, as Ghenacia has shown, will stand out in most peak-time sets. "Body Under" is darker and more stripped-back, mapping a stark framework of knocks, claps and echoed bleeps over a pounding 4/4 kick and a chugging bassline. The occasional shifts in gear are subtle yet stirring. Unlike its counterpart, it won't knock dance floors sideways, but it's nevertheless a strong and atmospheric tool.
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      A Body Beat B Body Under