Mønic - Deep Summer / Regret Was Never So Sure

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  • As Kryptic Minds, Simon Shreeve helped drive dubstep's ultra-dark dungeon sound. As Mønic, he makes atmospheric techno that draws from his history in drum & bass and dubstep. He's also released two records of somber electronics on Downwards under his given name. Most of Shreeve's output has come through his Osiris Music UK label, which is the main portal into his shadowy world. The label marks its 50th release with a two-part EP that shows just how far he's come since the days of Kryptic Minds dubstep. Thanks to a Burial remix, Deep Summer is the bigger attraction. "Deep Summer" is a downtempo number with a sighing vocal sample and a lumbering beat, like industrial strength trip-hop. The atmospherics are impeccable, but it lacks the tension that marks Shreeve's best work. Burial's ten-minute remix has a scope equal to epics like "Come Down To Us." It has monologues, affecting vocal samples and, most notably, a shift to major key towards the end, replete with an uplifting guitar riff. The ending is sentimental, but hey, it's Burial, and it should appease fans disappointed with the Subtemple EP. Regret Was Never So Sure gets down to the nitty gritty. The title track is techno at 170 BPM. It bears some resemblance to the music on Samurai's Horo offshoot, but the unexpected growling techstep bassline makes it more menacing. Regis is an ideal remixer for "Regret Was Never So Sure," slowing it down to the kind of tribalistic throb he perfected on "Blood Witness." "Forbidden Memories" is techno with an eerie calm, expanding on Shreeve's talent for ambience. This release shows that he's still got a few surprises up his sleeve.
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      Deep Summer A Deep Summer B Deep Summer (Burial Remix) Regret Was Never So Sure A1 Regret Was Never So Sure B1 Regret Was Never So Sure (Regis Version) B2 Forbidden Memories