Javiera González - The Beat Is On

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  • The Beat Is On may be credited to the Chilean vocalist Javiera González, but like her first EP, Meet Me Twice, it owes a lot to Tobias Freund. The German producer provides a downtempo, rock-like beat with layers of discordant keys, synths and a gently throbbing bassline, which she caps off with a one-take vocal improvisation. There's a deep resonance, both in tone and emotional power, to González's voice, as she subtly deconstructs the usual song form with muted shrieks and deep incantations. They're not far away from something you might hear from Diamanda Galás, only they're less formal and harrowing. This noir-funk is backed with a 15-minute remix by Vilod (Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer). Where the original feels like an odd almost-song, their remix simmers the vocals and beat, fusing them into an extended jam anchored by a slow minimal pulse. More weightless and psychedelic, González's fragmented voice is absorbed back into the mix alongside synth filaments that bubble, swell and burst. The original touches on different styles, but it feels confusing. Vilod's version melts this tension away.
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      A The Beat Is On B The Beat Is On (Vilod Version)