Datasmok - Knee Deep In Mud

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  • Datasmok is the filthy acid alias of Albert Van Abbe, a Dutch techno and ambient producer whose deep, dark and spacey wares have been steadily mounting over the years. Last May this culminated in Van Abbe's debut album, Champagne Palestine, which was crafted around a set of dreamy piano fragments. It was a light and sparkling LP, ideal for listening to while lounging around. The Datasmok name harks back to Van Abbe's early years performing gnarled live sets at illegal parties in the early '00s. It had been gathering dust until 2014, when a collection of archival material surfaced. Knee Deep In Mud is the first set of new recordings, but the old sentiment is there. Gurgling and gurning, the first Datasmok release for Mord is a bawdier beast than Champagne Palestine. From its luminous yellow outer sleeve to the dark and twisted grot inside, this record is about one thing and one things only: rave. Aside from its two digital bonuses—the grimly hulking "005" and the slow vitriolic boil of "006"—all four cuts are warehouse-ready bangers. "004" is euphoric with an electro tinge, while "010" is moody and drip-fed. The others are tough, grotty and will send a Dutch crowd into a meltdown.
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      A1 001 A2 010 B1 002 B2 004 Digital: 005 Digital: 006