Schuttle - Home

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  • Home, by Schuttle, AKA Johnny Phethean, takes pleasure in isolation, or the act of heading towards it. There are track titles like "Probe (One Full Rotation)" and "Home," which suggest space travel. This may be deliberate, since the tracks were, according to the label, "made... using astronomical data." The music, a hiss-crusted mix of organic and electronic effects studded onto glassy tones, mostly drifts from one ambient landscape to another. Only the tired claps on "Probe (One Full Rotation)," one of two drum tracks on the cassette, and "Meed Trope"'s indistinct dialogue suggest a human presence. But not much of Home seems despondent, as remoteness is rendered with an affecting warmth. There's one other voice on Home—a loop of a single phrase, again indistinct, on "Springbok" that repeats like faulty playback. As celestial tones gently rise and exhale, the words themselves sink and resurface, as though slipping in and out of focus. From here, the music gets increasingly drowsy. "PSR"'s drums and bells trudge through banks of static. On "Probe (EYB Reduction)," which exposes the spectral thrum of "Probe (One Full Rotation)," sounds crackle and glow like fading embers. The title track's slender organ tones hum in a soothing emptiness—an inner peace found in outer space.
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      01. Meed Trope 02. Probe (One Full Rotation) 03. Springbok 04. PSR 05. Probe (EYB Reduction) 06. Home