Paul Woolford - Mind Over Matter

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  • This production from Bobby Peru, better known as the Back to Basics resident and legend Paul Woolford, 'Mind Over Matter' is the first release for the new subsidiary label to C2 Records ...C2 Trax. Woolford's original is an awesome mixture of fresh house music as the genre continues to evolve. It has a nice raw feel to it thanks to the array of subtle electro samples that compliment the beautifully featured piano melody which is a strong focal point of this tune. Nic Fanciulli and Andy Chatterly (AKA Skylark) are together again in bringing in the B-Side. They have taken an angle that gives release as a single much depth. The mix is a more progressive sound and is features the trademark sound that has made Fanculli and Chatterly respected for their production. The mix builds from an extended intro and breaks the sounds in quite nicely giving the original the juice it needed to works its way into the record crates of many top DJs. Once this mix has your booty shaking it sneaks up on you and drops a bomb - as just after 6 minutes into the track the full strength of the both the bassline and piano are unleashed in full force and will tear most dance floors up with ease. It’s an uplifting vibrant release that will be seeing a lot of playtime around the beaches of Ibiza and the summer festivals of 2004. C2 Trax couldn’t have kicked off with a better first release.