Enzo Siragusa & Archie Hamilton - Dubinnovation

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  • Archie Hamilton is an artist on the rise. Since finishing 2016 with a first-time slot in RA's top DJs poll, he's debuted at fabric's new Friday party in London, toured South America and released another EP through Fuse, the label and party he's been affiliated with since 2014. Though some might consider him a cast-iron member of the East London crew, he's actually more of a peripheral figure, splitting the rest of his time between making music and running Moscow Records, which he set up in 2009. Hamilton's two worlds collide on the latest Moscow release, a three-track EP called Dubinnovation produced in collaboration with Fuse founder Enzo Siragusa. This is the first collaboration we've heard from the pair. Contrary to the EP's title, the results aren't innovative. When making the kind of stripped-back, dubby and rolling club music these two specialise in, there's a fine line between dull tracks and those that hit the spot. The bassline on the opening cut, "Ricochet," has a nice roomy bend to it, but it only takes you so far. The grating whistle that comes later doesn't help matters. It's a similar deal with the title track—as swinging as the drums are, there's not enough in the rattling percussion and scratchy synth line to keep you interested. Sandwiched in between them, though, is "Transcend." This time, a tumbling groove, tight as ever, is coloured with zesty acid gurgles and warm, soothing synths. The pacing is fluid and propulsive, and it makes you want to dance.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ricochet B1 Transcend B2 Dubinnovation
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