Laksa - Camo

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  • The London-based producer Laksa may share a name with a Malaysian hot noodle soup, but his technofied bass sound is more closely associated with Bristol. Both he and Beneath, who runs Mistry, the label responsible for Laksa's first releases, have ties to the city. It's also the home of Timedance, which put out Laksa's last record. His newest lands on Munich's Ilian Tape, a label run by Zenker Brothers, who are musical, if not geographic, neighbors and a reliable source of breaks-laden techno. One of Camo's pleasures is its embrace of lightness. "Camo Trousers" is the only track that fulfils the UK bass promise of pendulous low-end swing at a 130-BPM bustle. Everywhere else, there's a floatiness to the synths and varying degrees of crackle, which creates an atmosphere of dreamy nostalgia. "Like It's 99" has a brisk tempo and laser synths, but it's like the ghostly afterimage of a hardcore rave number. The opener, "Hallyah," and the closer, "Rest With My Blues," have chill-out vibes and trip-hop energy that feels drawn from Boards Of Canada. The subtler "Hallyah" is the standout track. It has a large breadth of movement, particularly in the different percussion elements that drop in and out. They create a slow, undulating burn that finally reaches a satisfying crescendo.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Hallyah A2 Camo Trousers B1 Like It's 99 B2 Rest With My Blues