Tadeo - Chronicles Of The Future Remixes

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  • In techno, a little progression goes a long way. Even the loopiest of tunes, going back to, say, Basic Channel, use subtle shifts in composition and energy to keep the dance floor interested. Finding the balance between repetition and change is an ongoing quest for most producers, not least those enlisted to remix tracks from Tadeo's Chronicles Of The Future album. Most of the five artists assembled take a hypnotic approach with their reworks, so the differences lie in how much happens across each track. Abdulla Rashim supplies the most repetitive cut with his take on "The Net," twisting it into a six-minute loop track based around a single synth note and a marching kick drum. The only shifts are a few mini-breakdowns and a smattering of technoid samples—hisses, licks of acid—that swirl while the track chugs. It's more tool-like than its placement on the A1 suggests. The other remixes are more dynamic but retain an ethereal touch. Silent Servant's version of "The Need Of Development" is also loopy, but the subtle rise and fall of melody gives it a sense of forward movement. The same goes for Efdemin's burrowing remix of "The Motivation" and Pris's rework of "The Cyborg," where percussive shifts inject energy without detracting from an otherwise psychedelic mood. Only Function offers a big moment—his remix of "The Big Step" has strings and the EP's heaviest kick drum.
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      A1 The Net (Abdulla Rashim Remix) A2 The Need Of Development (Silent Servant Remix) B1 The Motivation (Efdemin Remix) B2 The Big Step (Function Remix) Digital: The Cyborg (Pris Remix)