Rampa ‎- Hall Of Violence

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  • As a cofounder of the Berlin-based Keinemusik, Gregor Sütterlin has been skirting Innervisions' peripheries for years. Both labels have nailed the art of modern tech house, where weepy melodies and droning basslines do most of the damage. Hall Of Violence is Sütterlin's first EP on Dixon and Âme's label, which this year has released remixes of Howling, a 12-inch from Frankey & Sandrino and the ninth edition in its Secret Weapons compilation series. It sees Sütterlin deliver three synth-heavy tracks that prove he's a natural fit on the Innervisions roster. Each tune is cut from the same cloth, with straight percussion, chugging low-ends and buckets of melancholy. "Bimma" is the classiest track, thanks to a hooky vocal snippet and clever restraint (the kick drum leaves for minutes at a time). It will keep a festival crowd enthralled—Âme and Solomun have rinsed it in front of big crowds—even though there's not much more than a placid kick drum, keys and an occasional clap to get people moving. The same goes for "Hall Of Violence" and "Fluke," which, in spite of the former's grating vocal, feel curiously subdued for the big-room situations they will be used in. As such, it will take an expert DJ to rock the main stage with these tracks.
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      A1 Hall Of Violence B1 Bimma B2 Fluke