Lone - Ambivert Tools Volume One

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  • "DJ tool" might be an ambiguous term, but Lone seems to be onboard with its modern definition. Where some people may have expected his new Ambivert Tools series to comprise the acapellas and drum tracks once common on '90s house records, the British producer has delivered three bare-bones house tracks steeped in repetition and groove. And like solid modern tools—or, loopy tracks that don't build up or down much—they pack flair into reduced frameworks, thanks to clever programming and Lone's ear for catchy melody snippets. The EP's best options are on the A-side. Through throwback vocal samples—"yo!," "woaaah" and an "oooh, yeah"—"Crush Mood" and "Chroma" ooze good vibes, which are accentuated by looped synth stabs. "Crush Mood" is the spacier cut, with filtered '90s-style pads and the kind of looped vocal snippet you've heard on at least 20 Strictly Rhythm records. "Chroma" is funky, with another looped vocal, twinkling synths and a string section. The pads return on "From A Past Life," the B-side cut, which has a melancholic atmosphere to match its title. All three tunes are tough, with bulldozing percussion that kicks harder than the subtler elements they're paired with.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Crush Mood A2 Chroma B1 From A Past Life