Matrixxman - Deep Mind

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  • Before the release of his 2015 album, Homesick, Charlie Duff was associated with a range of scenes and sounds. But the album marked a shift to techno. Since then, Duff's music has zeroed in on pure strains of the genre, becoming more tense and functional as he tried out different peak-time styles. We've already heard dub and Detroit-inspired techno, but Deep Mind, released on Henning Baer's MANHIGH imprint, finds Duff looking to Berlin's stern sounds. 
Each track is grey, patient and monolithic. While it's not the most distinct brand of techno, Duff's production touches keep the EP from feeling routine. The title track is hard and heavy, with a steely bell loop, muscular drums and enormous blasts of bass. "Polarity"'s bass squelches also stand out, but they're tightly wound into an anxious, stomping beat. "Beacon" is the EP's deepest and most hypnotic moment, speeding through a bleepy landscape with smooth magnificence. Goner's no-nonsense rework feels stiff in comparison, which highlights the potency of Duff's cold rhythms.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Deep Mind A2 Polarity B1 Beacon B2 Beacon (Goner Remix)