Sadar & Ben - We Are Righteous People

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  • In Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Bill Brewster suggests that disco's commodification was helped by the arrival of electronically sequenced drums. Suddenly, "there was a simple formula for making disco… And much of this formula came from Europe." This formula comes to mind when listening to We Are Righteous People, the first record from Sadar & Ben, AKA Chicago's Sadar Bahar and the Dutch electro producer Cosmic Force. Bahar has a celebrated collection of soul and disco. He also dabbles in disco edits, with results that match his great DJ sets. But there's something about We Are Righteous People that seems disconnected from his special finds. Sure, its two tracks are funky and spirited, with galloping rhythms born from live sax, bass and a fiery guitar. The electronic elements add oomph, with sunny chords and massive drums that should get the dance floor rolling. But the result is more functional than memorable. We Are Righteous People will add a flash of fun to summer parties, but it won't have people clamouring for a track ID.
  • Tracklist
      A We Are Righteous People B Bouncing Atoms