Physical Therapy - More Sugar

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  • Daniel Fisher is a shapeshifter. Throughout his career, he's been an R&B-savvy bedroom producer, an experimental club kid and a Berlin-based techno artist. Since returning to New York, however, he seems to be settling somewhere in between. He just made a return to the GHE20G0TH1K parties, where he hadn't played in years. On More Sugar he tries out vintage, breaks-centric house that feels like a hybrid of his oldest tunes and the more straightforward dance music he's made in recent years. You could compare the title track to Flørist's "Marine Drive." Both are warm and toasty and float on vintage drum breaks. Breaks are the foundation of this EP. The relaxed "One More Chance" features an inspired interplay between a sampled piano and percussion, while "String Thing," the EP's most expansive track, trades the ivories for strings. The label encourages DJs to play "String Thing" at both 33 and 45 RPM—the digital version even comes with both speeds. It's remarkable how different they are. The seven-minute version feels brisk and upbeat, while the ten-minute-plus "Sensitized Mix" recalls '90s electronica, with its languorous melodies and faded colours. It's not Fisher's most exciting EP, but it is warm, uplifting and reassuring, just like the best tracks on SOBO.
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      A1 More Sugar A2 One More Chance B1 String Thing (Desensitized Mix)