DeCosta & Rau - Orpheus 003

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  • Black Orpheus is a young label whose records conjure gritty, graffiti-scrawled scenes. The music, a mix of breakbeat, weird techno and beatdown house, has unpolished textures and a rowdy, impromptu spirit. So far, releases have mostly come from anonymous artists (Alphonse, The Comedown) or those who tend to or low-key favourites (Madteo). Black Orpheus's third record presents two familiar names: Franklin De Costa and Christopher Rau. Orpheus 003 is loaded with the styles of both artists. It has De Costa's chaotic breaks and rhythms and Rau's deep, cocoon-like atmospheres—the way they come together feels energetic and on-the-fly. The syncopated percussion on "Untitled 1" has the sound of trash-can drumming, topped off by glam chords and bright, noodly synths. "Untitled 2" starts as a slog but turns beautiful, burying its weighty low-end in celestial pads and chords. The other tracks have a heavier kick. "Untitled 3" is crooked techno, with chunky rhythms, hissy textures and a tumbling bassline. "Untitled 4" pairs its blown-out drums with glistening machine melodies. Orpheus 003 get messy but lands somewhere fresh.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Untitled 1 A2 Untitled 2 B1 Untitled 3 B2 Untitled 4