Various - CZCZ Vol. I - Virus Artists

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  • Cazeria Cazador is a label, party and crew born from a vacuum in Santiago, Chile in 2015. There was no venue for good electronic music in their city, so a group of young artists began putting on parties and established a label. Its discography is already substantial, with over ten EPs in under two years. CZCZ Vol. I - Virus Artists packages Cazeria Cazador's roster into a single release that outlines its flavor of techno. The crew uses percussion to express themselves. The drum fills of Tomás Urquieta's tribal roller, "Koob," are expressive on their own, while the all-out attack of Aurelius98's "Nimda" is as dizzying as five alarm clocks going off at once. Mas 569's "Slammer" features a gasping synth lead that gets run over by the jittery drums. Russell adds a rude bassline to the hard-hitting techno of "Randex," twisting something rigid into something fun and cheeky. Mucho Sueño's "Tuareg" is the EP's peak, mostly because it adds dembow-like swing to the template. It's effortlessly funky, which is part of what makes Cazeria Cazador an intriguing blip on the global dance music radar.
  • Tracklist
      01. Russell - Randex 02. Aurelius98 - Nimda 03. Tomás Urquieta - Koob 04. Mas569 - Slammer 05. Mucho Sueño - Tuareg