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  • Montevideo and Offenbach, currently the world's most exciting cities for stripped-down dance music, meet on the Sendas EP, the latest release on Traffic. It sees [email protected], a Uruguayan with ties to Montevideo's Phonotheque club, edge closer to the perfect balance between repetition and melody. He nails it on "Sendas," an atmospheric loop track with plenty of moving parts. Best of all is its live-sounding bassline, which is so knotty it's hard to tell where the pattern begins, let alone how many notes it has. Then there's the main lead, a whistling melody that burrows deeper into your brain as the track progresses. Add pads, straightforward percussion and the occasional burst of twisted synth and you have an essential down-the-rabbit-hole tune for DJs tasked with late-hour dance floors. The EP's other tracks are flashier. "S&T" is another stomping house cut with a bold bassline, which is paired with a short robotic vocal that adds a spark to an otherwise murky track. "PTN2" is a steady electro tune with shuffling percussion and a moody atmosphere, while "Basement" merges electro flair with a housey groove. The clear presence of melody across Sendas, capped off by lively snippets of sound, is refreshing amid minimal dance music's embrace of bleeps and blops.
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      A1 Sendas A2 Basement B1 S&T B2 PTN2