Axel Boman - Geeks / Voodoo

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  • Long before the Talaboman album has left rotation, Axel Boman is back with a new EP of his own. If the entrancing sounds on The Night Land were the result of him and John Talabot "trying to avoid what [they'd] do on [their] own," then Geeks / Voodoo, a two-tracker on Studio Barnhus's new sub-label, Barnbarn, is a pleasant reminder of the charming music the Swedish producer can dream up solo. Geeks / Voodoo is similar to 2015's 1979, in that it's a two-tracker with one gently swelling epic on the A-side and a weirder, more hot-blooded track on the other. This time, Boman nails the former with minimalism and repetition. Above its deep drums, a succession of cyclical riffs—at first wooden, but later soft and airy—lift the music into warmer states of transience with each bar. "Voodoo" is a chugging house track with a sense of humor, becoming ever more oddball as its wobbly rhythm picks up slurred melodies and nimble drum fills. By the time the climax hits, everything has gone slightly awry. But in Boman's case, this means he's on course.
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      A Geeks B Voodoo
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