Coby Sey - Whities 10

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  • For every club banger from Kowton, Avalon Emerson or Minor Science, Whities has dabbled in stranger fare. The label's first release of 2017 falls in the latter camp, introducing a compelling musical voice in Coby Sey. The South Londoner isn't exactly a newcomer. Along with his long-running monthly NTS radio slot, he has production credits for Dels, Klein and Mica Levi. Levi is one of the comparisons that pop up when listening to Sey. "All Change" is reminiscent of the odd, almost clubby productions she occasionally slips out, while the marauding opener, "Active (Peak)," has the knackered heft of Modern Love. The percussive clutter of "Vestry" recalls the early genius of Tricky, not least because of Sey's mumbled delivery. But there is more to Sey's music than such comparisons offer. His range shines through on "Seed (Our Cells Meet)" and "Ticket." The former is a delightfully sombre piano piece made all the more personal by his lyrics, while the latter offers a brief and grubby forage through pitched-down post-punk. It apparently took almost three years for Whities 010 to come together. Hopefully Coby Sey won't keep us waiting that long for more.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Active (Peak) A2 All Change B1 Vestry B2 Seed (Our Cells Meet) B3 Ticket