Fatima Yamaha - Araya

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  • Fatima Yamaha, real name Bas Bron, is a master of melody. His strange but soothing synth work left its mark on 2015 with What's A Girl To Do, Imaginary Lines and an excellent Dekmantel split EP with Young Marco. Each release, imbued with rosy hues and electro crispness, became a vinyl collector's gem. The Dutch producer returns with Araya, his first record in two years. Released on Dekmantel, the EP presents a bolder, more fleshed-out version of Bron's sound. Each track is strewn with melody, but there's less melancholy than usual. Araya's title track is anthemic, a departure from Imaginary Lines, an LP that according to Angus Finlayson didn't "overstate its case." Burly drums, sky-high synths and cascading breakdowns combine for Bron's biggest-sounding tune so far. "Piayes Beach Bar And Grill," with its downcast atmosphere, is closer to what we're used to, but its free-jamming lead and funky bassline seem more extroverted than before. "Romantic Bureaucracy" starts with chunky piano riffs and picks up colorful spurts of synth before ending in a pool of soft, glowing pads. Like Bron's best work, it charms the longer it goes on.
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      A1 Araya B1 Piayes Beach Bar And Grill B2 Romantic Bureaucracy