E.M.M.A. - Glacé

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  • The 2013 Blue Gardens album on Keysound Recordings was the last release from London's E.M.M.A.. It's where we really got to know her warm, colorful and synth-rich post-dubstep sound. She hasn't been completely inactive in the interim, as she shares the regular Angel Food show on Radar Radio with Aimee Cliff. E.M.M.A.'s return to production is essentially one new track, so it's hard to gauge her development since 2013. But releasing on a net-focussed label, Astral Plane Recordings, suggests some kind of shift. E.M.M.A.'s signature sound is still a rippling arpeggiated synth, but "Glacé" feels less aligned with the club than her earlier tracks. She opts for rock drums, reverb, gated snares and the kind of bassline that puts her in the realm of John Carpenter. It feels like a shift towards the cinematic and away from Blue Gardens' UK bass. Iglew's atmospheric remix is a great companion, as is the "Beatless Mix." The EP shows a tidy progression through a central theme, and is an intriguing palette cleanser for what's to come from E.M.M.A.
  • Tracklist
      01. Glacé 02. Glacé (Iglew Remix) 03. Glacé (Beatless Mix)