Fred P - Instinctive Rhythms

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  • Fred Peterkin releases a lot of music made with a workmanlike consistency. A good Fred P tune is smooth, danceable and atmospheric. Records under aliases like FP-Oner, Black Jazz Consortium and the techno-influenced Anomaly highlight the different sides of his sound, but it's rare to hear a single release explore the full spectrum of his aesthetic. But Peterkin does exactly that on his Secretsundaze debut, Instinctive Rhythms. "Mile High," with serene pads and jazzy keys, is like something from an FP-Oner album but more jacking. It's also more tribal than Peterkin's usual material. Across Instinctive Rhythms, he prefers hand percussion over drum machines. On "Mile High," drums bob up and down as if caught in a current; on "6AM" the drums are fluid and should hypnotize late-hour dance floors. The drums' dull impact on "6AM" adds to its hazy vibe. The heavily syncopated "Herb" is the EP's most intriguing track. Tough and graceful at once, it's a reminder of Peterkin's ingenuity.
  • Tracklist
      A1 6AM A2 Herb B1 Mile High