Various - STAUB 002

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  • STAUB 002 is a four-track techno EP that charts the moods of a 22-hour party in Berlin. That party is STAUB, which has been drawing clubbers to ://about blank every month for the last four years. STAUB's lineups are strictly withheld. You don't need to know who is going to play—just wear trainers and pack some fruit because you'll probably be there for a while. The approach invites you to trust the selectors, who are DJs like Caleb ESC, Richard Bredicz, Talla and I/Y. The EP's grand opener is the kind of track that might get played as smoke machines choke the dance floor. It's dramatic and grand, but it would be suitable in the right hands and setting. The A2's blue chords and textural sound quality—all scuffed up to perfection—make it a detailed warm-up track, something to admire as you limber up. Hypnotic and bass-led, the B1 might be played as the floor hits sweaty capacity—if you haven't found your spot among the shuffling congregation, this will hook you in. The psychotic B2 is on the edge of a freakout, but it keeps its cool. It's daytime outside and you should be going home, but tunes like this have turned you into the DJ's plaything. You surrender your soul and prey to the rave gods that STAUB might go on a little bit longer this time.
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      A1 Unknown Artist - Unknown 01 A2 Unknown Artist - Unknown 02 B2 Unknown Artist - Unknown 03 B1 Unknown Artist - Unknown 04