Eddie Richards – Fabric 16

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  • I really needn’t mention the credentials that Eddie Richards brings to the plate when I come to review this latest mix by him for the Fabric series. Needless to say that after 20 years in the business, including countless DJ gigs at the crème de la crème of venues as well as locations and venues that many of you would not have come to think existed let alone heard of, it is time for Eddie to unleash his latest tastes and impeccable mixing in this latest edition of a series that is almost as well respected as he is. Smooth is what this cd is for the most part, starting with an early highlight in ‘Loosely Jointed’ by Old Skool Split. The infectious vocals and deep bubbly baselines of ‘Vegas Nights’ by Freddie Montanez are equally as impressive early on in the mix as is the chunky as all hell deep low end sounds of the addictive ‘I Believe’ by MastikSoul. The crisp beats and swirling percussion of ‘High As Can Be’ by Gideon ADD & Marky Star lift the pace a little as the mix starts to increase the pressure, a fact further emphasised by the delightful sounds of ‘11th & Broadway’ by Little Mike. ‘Fathernature’ by Robin Porter & Mike Carr unleashes a devastating baseline that surely works the system at Fabric to the test, which is then put to rest with the smooth house vibes of ‘Do U Know House?’ by Pure Science. ‘Butterfly Lips’ by Loft 55 concludes the mix fittingly with some smooth sounds and a chunky baseline, a fitting ending to another solid installment by a Fabric legend. Needless to say that this is a quality mix by Eddie Richards. Smooth from start to end, this mix really showcases where this man is at right now, and also showcases the sound that arguably makes Fabric one of the greatest amphitheatre for sound every weekend.