Cinthie - House Rhythms

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  • Cinthie seems like one of those crucial dance music figures who knows everyone, connects artists and makes things happen. She used to operate a studio complex on Berlin's Frankfurter Allee, and helps run two house labels, Unison Wax and Beste Modus. House Rhythms, her first solo EP in more than a decade, sticks to Unison Wax and Beste Modus's style of well-produced deep house with nods to Chicago and Detroit. For DJs with a taste for classic sounds, House Rhythms might be a sure bet. Gummy kicks and purring bass notes give the title track a firm yet cosy low-end. Furnished with Ron Trent-style pads and choppy chords, "House Rhythms" is exactly as described. It's the sort of track that forms the backbone of a solid house session, but isn't more than a DJ tool. "Liberty" spins the same contents into a more engaging track. Incorporating hand drums and a seven-note phrase dressed in simple synth harmonies, "Liberty" inches closer to the Midwestern house it aspires to. On a Beste Modus EP from 2013, Cinthie released a track called "Chicago Is Near," a snappy, chord-laced house tune with uplifting organs and a firmer grasp of the style she admires. House Rhythms isn't too far from that track's subtle vibrancy, but it might take some more time holed up in a place like her former Frankfurter Allee studio for it to be rediscovered.
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      A House Rhythms B Liberty