Unknown Archetype - Tripp

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  • Tripp is the debut EP from Unknown Archetype, a collaboration between the British conceptual artist and producer Roxy Tripp and the Netherlands-based producer Oliver Kucera. Neither seems well known in the techno world, but you wouldn't guess that from the sound of Tripp. From the Kafka quote on Unknown Archetype's SoundCloud page to the project's stated themes—"Jungian psychology, archetypal symbolism and mythology"—it's clear the duo want to explore the psyche. Eerie vocals are Tripp's most effective element. "The Serpent" is the only track without them, which showcases the core of Unknown Archetype's weighty, jagged techno style. "Voyeurism" is their aesthetic at its most thrilling. It's built around an urgent breakbeat, which is paired with a jarring synth on red alert. All that is unnerving enough, but a whispered vocal—"We're watching you"—calmly panned from ear-to-ear pushes the track over the edge. "Tripp" is less severe, but it also features an alienated inner voice caged in by corroded, brutal drums.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Jung's Theory A2 Voyeurism B1 Tripp B2 The Serpent