Person of Interest - Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)

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  • The one-sided 12-inch series on Future Times is remarkably consistent. Launching in 2012 with an untitled white label from an unknown artist, the series at first seemed geared towards delighting dance floors and confounding music geeks in equal measure. The first track was revealed to be a Hunee edit of an early '90s tune from Italian house producer Don Carlos. It set the template for additional no-nonsense club burners. The latest instalment is "Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)" from New York producer Person Of Interest. Future Times boss Max D is a fan of breakbeats (remember the Beautiful Swimmers' slammer "The Zoo"?), so you can imagine him rubbing his hands together with glee upon first hearing this Person Of Interest cut. There aren't many subtleties to discuss. "Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)" is a monster that will have you questioning your audience if they don't scream in delight when it's dropped. The title references the Interstate 95 running down the US East Coast, but the "95" could also be a throwback to a mid-'90s blends of hip-hop and house—the kind Kenny Dope was obsessed with. The scratches on "Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)" are the cherry on top.
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      A Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)