DJ Chap - Drum Pakk 1

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  • Somewhere between footwork and baile funk lies DJ Chap, who hails from the unlikely location of Denver, Colorado, a place that has little to do with either genre. That said, Chap is a member of the Teklife crew. Even if Teklife is based in Chicago, their affiliates are now spread all over the world—an indication of their influence. With a title like Drum Pakk 1, Chap gives us an indication of what to expect from his EP. What he delivers is no-frills and stripped-down, but this isn't a mere sample pack. It's more akin to a hip-hop breaks or battle record, but these tracks aren't so simplistic. They can be enjoyed uninterrupted on loop, and are perfectly functional as DJ tools. Each of the three "Drum" tracks contain only drums and brief vocal samples that sound like favela party exaltations. "Essa" and "Esc" throw in a few synth stabs, maybe even a full vocal phrase. If that doesn't sound like much (the five cuts come to a grand total of ten minutes, so in a sense it isn't), the impact of so few elements hits hard. Both footwork and baile are exuberant party styles, and mixing the two together is a natural fit that no one else has claimed. It feels funky fresh.
  • Tracklist
      01. Drum 1 02. Drum 2 03. Drum 3 04. Esc 05. Esssa