Kai Alcé - Movin' Thru

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  • Kai Alcé's DJ sets have a way of finding the deep in records that are certifiably not deep house. In his hands, a track like George Duke's "I Want You For Myself" becomes less a verse-chorus-verse anthem than a sensuous roller whose meandering elements shine through. Each time a new Alcé production surfaces, it's likewise a reminder that the "deep" designation can have multiple meanings. It might be represented by lilting chords and boogie bass, as on "Into Your Story," or the intertwined piano and flute solos on "What Am I Here For?," or the timid vibraphone and powerful monologue of "Black Rhapsody." After a year full of remixing other music, Alcé releases a solo record that displays another approach to exploratory house, a pointed one. Movin' Thru features some of Alcé's more focused recent tracks, which makes them a good fit for Sounds Of The City. "Just Wanna," with no solos or vocals, has a limited palette. Its rhythm is characterized by a three-note bassline, a sharp clap and an off-beat tom, and it's the toughest we've heard from Alcé since his 2010 collaboration with Omar-S. He uses similarly acute percussion on the title track, but rounds it out with a legato low-end and more tuneful variance. He patiently plays a light synth melody that separates from the chord changes as the track continues, ending in a bleepy knot that somehow leaves the groove intact. These days, Alcé seems focused on lifting up others in his circle, but it's still a treat when his name is the only one on a record.
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      A Just Wanna B Movin' Thru