Various - 47007

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  • 47007 is the latest physical complement to one of Tommy Four Seven's 47 events, which took place over the summer in Berlin. It was a lineup of unconventional-yet-functional techno, with Cosmin TRG, Eomac and Szare. Cosmin TRG is a superb sound designer who can rock a dance floor, and "Singe" is a fine example of the two coming together. It's industrious and greasy, but its wafting synths give it a lyrical lilt. T47's contribution is the most streamlined of the four but it's not ordinary, constantly getting zapped as it pushes relentlessly on. Eomac's "Refugee" is dramatic, heady techno that's club-ready. It's accompanied nicely by Szare's "Invern," which could be the pair's most industrial work yet. It has the brooding menace of a nasty techno romp, propped up by creaking girders and bent metal beams. The beat is swung low and wide, with hints of UK hardcore strewn around. Like "Refugee," Szare's track is shamanic at its core.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cosmin TRG - Singe A2 Eomac - Refugee B1 Szare - Invern B2 Tommy Four Seven - UUU