Peggy Gou - Seek For Maktoop

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  • For newcomer Peggy Gou, 2016 has been a defining year. Among milestones, the Berlin-based producer released her first four records, earned wide media coverage and played MELT! and Panorama Bar as part of nearly 50 international gigs. (To put that in perspective, she had four in 2015.) For Rekids, Phonica White and now Technicolour, the producer has released warm and groovy house EPs that shimmer with color. Seek For Maktoop, her latest record, is more of that breezy fare. Each track is cut from the same cloth: flashy melodies, strutting basslines and soft pads that shade everything in lilac and peach. Fun as this is, flat compositions unfortunately turn the music into a pleasant-sounding mush. "Gou Talk," with its bright stabs and plump bassline, takes an easy approach to sounding funky, with little sense of feeling at its core. "Maktoop" is a romantic roller, adorned with gleaming chimes and the innocent version of an acid line. On "Rose," a vocal sample lights up the room, but the rest of the mild, sparkling groove seems made of plastic. With a little more tact, Gou's dreamy scenes will surely dazzle.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Gou Talk A2 Maktoop B1 Rose