John Dimas - Multiverse

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  • John Dimas is among a handful of modern, loop-based house producers who are much-loved but don't get widespread attention. Much like iO (Mulen), Varhat and S.A.M., Dimas's sound is warm, percussive and groovy, and it's picked up diehard fans—his records fly off the shelves as soon as they go on sale. Dimas's latest arrives on Germany's raum...musik, the most established label to host his work so far. raum has compiled three distinct, no-frills house tools that should appeal to selectors who like smart drums and analogue-sounding basslines. "Verse I" and "Verse II" kick harder than most of Dimas's other tunes. There's very little melody in them, with all the focus on thumping drums and fat low-end. "Verse I" is the most straightforward cut, not much more than a four-note bassline, shuffling percussion and hazy atmospherics buried in the mix. "Verse II" is a rare Dimas broken beat tune, which again puts the focus on slapping drums and heavy low-end. The cheery "Verse III" would have been a perfect jam for this past summer. A squelchy synth melody gives it a sense of emotion that eludes its serious counterparts.
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      A1 Verse I B1 Verse II B2 Verse III