Qnete - Undesirable Circumstances

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  • Marvin Uhde lives in Bremen, northwest Germany, where he goes to art school and does music stuff in his free time. If his recent work is any indication, he has plenty of it. In addition to co-running a party called Tip!!! and the label Drowned Records, Uhde has been releasing various kinds of house tracks under the name Qnete since 2014. Undesirable Circumstances is his fourth record this year, not counting the compilation appearances. Berlin label 777 Recordings has culled three tunes from the producer that represent most of his musical range. "Closer" returns to the comb-filtered drum machine that helped make "Grey City Anthem" a raw, psychedelic banger, and "Spitting" takes that noisy, jacking angle even further. But the melodic streaks throughout "It's A Beautifully Sad Song" have more to do with the dreamy house heard on last year's Lessons In Finding. It would seem Uhde can take on just about anything, and what's more, he does so without diluting his character. A sense of musicianship and experimental curiosity runs through these tracks. Whether it's the light, snappy synth loop and garbled grooves in "Closer," or "Spitting"'s percussive cacophony and air bubble atmosphere, Uhde seems bent on balancing the twisted with the approachable, and then letting the potent combo take off. Only "It's A Beautifully Sad Song" could be said to play it straight, but even that twinkling slow-burner eventually goes airborne.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Closer B1 Spitting B2 It's A Beautifully Sad Song
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