Mei Tahat - Dayworld

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  • Dayworld, the debut of Ilya Ziblat Shay and Jordan Czamanski, is best approached with an open mind. Going deep on free jazz twists and harshly drawn synth doodles, the duo's music inhabits a spacious, exposed sound whose coldness stings like frostbite. Taking cues from the likes of Sun Ra's The Magic City and Bill Dixon's Son Of Sisyphus, Dayworld is a record of raw beauty, tangled up in atonal knots and solo screes. On "Shit Bird," you get a sense of the world Mei Tahat are building. Sharp cello strokes slice into digital bird calls and a thin, sustained organ note—it's the sound of an exotic but nightmarish place. As it rings with scrap metal noise, "Dayworld" slowly aligns its roaming solos and fizzing synth chords. By the track's hallucinatory, slow-burning coda, Shay and Czamanski forge an uneasy union between those sounds. From this pitch-black source material, I:Cube fashions an upbeat remix. Starting out as glistening deep house with a purring bassline, the remix's first two minutes sound out of step with Shay and Czamanski's vision. But I:Cube follows Mei Tahat's lead. His "Rude Remix" begins with an appetising spread of sounds, then swerves into the weirdness that makes the rest of Dayworld such an adventure.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dayworld A2 Untitled B1 Dayworld (I:Cube Rude Remix) B2 Shit Bird