Perc & Randomer - Igneous

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  • Perc and Randomer are two UK artists who approach making bangers from different angles. The former, real name Ali Wells, puts noisy power behind industrial techno, while the latter, Rohan Walder, is on a roll with his dense production work. Earlier this year, the two presented their styles side-by-side on Perc Trax's Stowaway Remixed. Now they've gone one further for the label with a full-blown joint release. Igneous is three ripping techno tracks that are as heavy as you'd expect. It's not hard to imagine this record being influenced by a back-alley brawl: the sounds are rough and delivered with a masculine aggression that shows both producers swinging hard. The title track—easily the best thing here—is Perc in texture but Randomer in shape, with garbled pads and fiercely jagged rhythms barreling across an industrial core. "Breezeblock" is more predictable, with breaks and stabs that add some edge to an otherwise routine techno-zombie stomp. On "Flooring," things start out electrifying, become pulverizing and then, as the textures become shrill and tangled, end up a bit of a mess. These artists both do chaos well, but together they seem a little too eager to just bash and destroy.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Igneous B1 Breezeblock B2 Flooring