The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Qvisisana

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  • Started by Massimo Di Lena, Pellegrino Snichelotto and Dario Di Pace (who records solo as Mystic Jungle), the Naples label Early Sounds has an offbeat, anything-goes sound. The Mystic Jungle Tribe (made up of Di Pace, Milord and Whodamanny) is easily the label's quirkiest act. Last year's Solaria album was a dance-not-dance record that could have been on Going Good or Mood Hut. Now, the trio's Qvisisana follows with even more wacky and lived-in sounds. Qvisisana is, presumably, named after the Grand Hotel Quisisana on the island of Capri. One of Italy's most famous hotels, its name roughly translates to "it is healthy here," and there is a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation to the EP. Over the low-slung boogie of "Terrazza Sul Mare," each member trades off playing different instruments—synth horns, vibraphone, bass guitar. It's like listening to a house band warm up before a show. It's easy to imagine these guys having fun making these tunes, and that feel-good energy soaks into the music. The disco-tinged "Sguardi" and "Visioni" pick up the pace, full of zany synth playing and killer, zig-zagging basslines. The weirdest is "Il Custode Delle Chiavi," where the loping rhythm section is flanked by theremin and dive-bombing synths. It sounds intentionally silly, and it's nowhere near as good as "Terrazza Sul Mare." The Mystic Jungle Tribe are better when they're letting the groove simmer rather than rushing it to a boil. Even so, the weirder moments of Qvisisana would make for a cheeky inclusion in a DJ set.
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      A1 Terrazza Sul Mare A2 Sguardi B1 Visioni B2 Vespro B3 Il Custode Delle Chiavi