Bludwork - Nightmare

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  • A haze of sunset moods and saturated hues, Nightmare is an odd name for a set of such softly furnished tracks. But when Bludwork, an 18-year-old producer from Georgia, who is now based in Long Beach, California, says they were inspired by "gospel, southern rap and rejection," the music seems to be therapeutic. Beneath the lustrous deep house fabric are easily understood feelings that hold back on specifics, leaving the gooey pads on "Witness" and "Acolyte," or the reserved funk of "Melt Them," open to interpretation. "Axiom Voicings" starts things optimistically. Dusty rimshots, noisy snares and dew-drop keys interact with acrobatic poise. Nightmare's drum programming bends and stretches with an easy athleticism—the drums only slouch on the aptly titled "Loose Grip." A squeaky sound introduced on "Go Demon" nudges you out of "Loose Grip"'s sleepy synth-funk. Slathered in buttery harmonies and an undeniable funk, "Melt Them" is the tape's high point. Nightmare has plenty of glowing basslines and smooth keyboard jams, but Bludwork saves his best for last.
  • Tracklist
      01. Axiom Voicings 02. Acolyte 03. Witness 04. Loose Grip 05. Go Demon 06. Melt Them