Clouds - DJ Ultra Greatsword

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  • Clouds tend to be described as white and fluffy, but if Calum Macleod and Liam Robertson were asked, they'd likely describe the thick, grey shapes that loom over their hometown of Perth, Scotland. The duo's music reflects that environment. As explained to Andrew Ryce a few years ago, however, that doesn't necessarily make Clouds' tracks sound stern. The grimy techno on DJ Ultra Greatsword is broken up by rave flourishes—sometimes cartoonish, other times euphoric—that splash the EP with colour. "T-Mobile Ekstraklasa"'s itching groove sails on swells of honeyed trance synth, adding a surprisingly sweet dimension. The other tracks are typically intense, but each one has some kind of playful edge. Most of "Petlock" squirms in muggy, analogue static and off-key chords, while spinback FX echo the "Alley Cat Mix" of The Prodigy's "Charly." The carnival whistles of "Madstalker" gesture to that era as well, though it's harder to place the tangled thrum underneath. Crushed by an immense pressure, the toms strain to beat a rhythm against the sub-bass. The track is a refreshing change of pace, and one of Clouds' more innovative ideas. On the other hand, "Ultras In Africa"'s sloshing swing is customary Clouds—a delirious banger that, though mucky, oozes with fun.
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      A1 Petlock A2 Madstalker B1 Ultras In Africa B2 T-Mobile Ekstraklasa